Purchase Your SCTK Token Now

Successful KYC should be complete to be eligible for SharesChain’s pre-sale, join in the whitelist by clicking on the icon and you will received a confirmation mail soon when you past KYC check.


Congratulations, you are invited to contribute to the pre-sale of SharesChain if you receive a confirmation email message.

Smart contract address is:


Please note:
imToken wallet is recommended: set enough mining fee for your transfer, especially when you got failed, please increase the mining fee or choose advanced option and set Gas price 40 and Gas 400000 or much more!

ETH address is not successfully added to whitelist will be refused by smart contract, if you have not received confirmation email message, please be patient.
Do not contribute from an exchange such as Coinbase, Binance, etc, imToken is recommended.
During Pre-Sale ,1 ETH is minimum.

SCTK tokens will be sent to ETH wallet address you provided upon signup at the end of pre-sale.